Interview: Anna Stolli paces herself by biting the Nutribullet

Anna Stolli backstage at the Pleasance Courtyard before a performance of Love Birds

We catch up with the mother hen of the “Macaw Sisters”, Vera – a.k.a actor Anna Stolli. Read about Anna’s previous credits on the Love Birds cast page.   Tell us about your character, Vera Macaw? Vera is a strong independent woman – who just happens to be totally in love with Armitage, the show proprietor. She’s the leader of …

WATCH: The Sharpest Smile is sounding happy and snappy


From keyboard to performance: writer Robbie Sherman talks to director Stewart Nicholls about the lyrics to “The Sharpest Smile” (a song about a parrot’s affair with an altogether different kind of beast), and Love Birds cast members Anna Stolli and John Guerrasio put the new song through its paces in the show…

WATCH: The Macaw Sisters bang out an a cappella Tinpanorama


Love Birds The Musical‘s onstage ‘sisters’ Valentine, Veronica and Vera – a.k.a. cast members Ruth Betteridge, Joanna Sawyer and Anna Stolli – are in a happily harmonic trio. Just listen for the proof…   P.S. Are the Macaw Sisters actually related or not? Love Birds creator Robbie Sherman explains.

WATCH: Interview with Love Birds John Guerrasio and Anna Stolli


What’s the relationship between vaudeville proprietor Armitage Shanks and leading lady Macaw, Vera, in Love Birds The Musical? “It’s a little like Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.” Cast members John Guerrasio and Anna Stolli explain…

Aviary Antics: Jokes about Penguins and Parrots

The Love Birds have plenty of laughs in the rehearsal room

Assembling a show can be a stressful process, but the heavy workload is made much lighter with a good-hearted group of people. We asked the LoveBirds actors if they knew any jokes—specifically, about parrots and penguins. Thankfully, the cast came squawking! Jonny Purchase started us off with a good one… Just had a cup of tea with a penguin. The …

Stephen Moore: How to cast a company of penguins and parrots

How do you find the perfect penguins for your first musical?

What are the challenges of casting a new musical at the Edinburgh Fringe… when the characters are parrots and penguins … and it’s your first time casting for a musical? Seasoned casting director Stephen Moore explains the process behind finding our fine-feathered Love Birds company. When I was casting at the BBC, a TV script would occasionally require an actor …

Full cast announced for our world premiere production

John Guerrasio, Greg Castiglioni, Rafe Watts, Jonny Purchase, Ryan Willis, George Knapper, Anna Stolli, Joanna Sawyer and Ruth Betteridge

Robert J Sherman’s new musical Love Birds follows closely in the Oscar-winning footsteps of his father and uncle (a.k.a the Sherman Brothers), who led the way with Mary Poppins. It’s fantastic, feathery, family fun performed by four penguins, four parrots and a real dinosaur… We’ve searched high (but not so low, these are birds, after all) to find a fine-feathered …