WATCH: Disneyana’s new theme song, introduced by Robbie Sherman

Video_Disneyana Theme Song Introduction by Robert J. Sherman   YouTube

As Love Birds heads into the final week of the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe, the video is released for another Robbie Sherman premiere: the new official theme song of the Disneyana Fan Club. The video, recorded in Winter Park, Florida, features the close-harmony singing of the Liberty Voices, led by Tony De Rosa, and a special introduction by Robbie, explaining his …

WATCH: The Love Birds crew rig a set in less than 25 minutes

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Love Birds The Musical isn’t the only show that calls Pleasance Two at the Pleasance Courtyard home this month during the Edinburgh Fringe: we’re one of eleven shows that perform in the venue. There’s non-stop theatre and comedy on every day from 10am to 1am. Well, nearly non-stop. Every show has a different set that has to be first put together …

Interview: Jonny Purchase transitions from Les Mis to Love Birds

Not as glamorous backstage as onstage: Jonny Purchase plays Presley in Love Birds The Musical

As our cast interview series continues, we catch up with Jonny Purchase, who plays penguin “Quack Pack” member Presley, straight from Les Miserables, in the West End and onscreen. Read more about Jonny’s other previous credits on the Love Birds cast page. Follow him on Twitter @jonnypurchase.   How do you walk like a penguin? The joy with interpreting the …

Photos + Video: Love Birds open the 2015 Pleasance gala launch

Greg Castiglioni and the Love Birds company

The Love Birds provided a spectacularly colourful start to the official launch of the Pleasance programme at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe this weekend. On Saturday morning, the Love Birds company – barnstorming their way through a special rendition of “Tinpanorama”, “Crunchy Crackers” and the “Love Birds” theme song – opened the Pleasance Gala Launch, which was hosted by comedian Hal …

Watch: The Story Behind … An Old-Fashioned Guy (in performance)


Writer Robbie Sherman and director Stewart Nicholls explain how the show’s soft shoe shuffle, “An Old-Fashioned Guy”, was put together – including what a tacit bar is and the challenge of talking over music. Actors John Guerrasio and Greg Castiglioni demonstrate exactly how it’s done in performance in Love Birds The Musical…  

WATCH: The Sharpest Smile is sounding happy and snappy


From keyboard to performance: writer Robbie Sherman talks to director Stewart Nicholls about the lyrics to “The Sharpest Smile” (a song about a parrot’s affair with an altogether different kind of beast), and Love Birds cast members Anna Stolli and John Guerrasio put the new song through its paces in the show…

WATCH: The Macaw Sisters bang out an a cappella Tinpanorama


Love Birds The Musical‘s onstage ‘sisters’ Valentine, Veronica and Vera – a.k.a. cast members Ruth Betteridge, Joanna Sawyer and Anna Stolli – are in a happily harmonic trio. Just listen for the proof…   P.S. Are the Macaw Sisters actually related or not? Love Birds creator Robbie Sherman explains.

WATCH: How the Love Birds band create the 1920s sound


Love Birds The Musical is set in the vaudeville world of 1923 New York. How does the band create that unique 1920s sound? At the show’s first band call, director and choreographer Stewart Nicholls introduces musicians James Pritchard (drums) and Marcus Pritchard (bass) – the fact that they’re brothers helps keep them always nicely in sync – and music arranger Richard …

WATCH: Interview with Love Birds John Guerrasio and Anna Stolli


What’s the relationship between vaudeville proprietor Armitage Shanks and leading lady Macaw, Vera, in Love Birds The Musical? “It’s a little like Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.” Cast members John Guerrasio and Anna Stolli explain…