The show must go on … even when you’re a penguin down

The barbershop quartet becomes a trio: Rafe Watts, Jonny Purchase and George Knapper

What happens when a barbershop quartet becomes a trio? As the parrots say in Love Birds: “The show must go on … and that means forward.” Saturday’s show had to be cancelled at short notice after Ryan Willis, who plays “Quack Pack” member Pewcey, was struck down overnight with a nasty virus and taken to hospital. Budgets at the Edinburgh …

Interview: Joanna Sawyer glams up to Paint a Rainbow

Joanna Sawyer as Veronica Macaw in Love Birds The Musical. © Steve Ullathorne

Continuing our cast interview series, we catch up with Joanna Sawyer, who plays Love Birds‘ Veronica Macaw, one of the trio of Macaw Sisters. Read more about Jo’s previous credits on the Love Birds cast page. Follow him on Twitter @JoSawyer04.  Tell us more about your character Veronica. What do you think her backstory is? Veronica is the sexy, glamorous …

Interview: Brooklyn-born John Guerrasio embraces his inner monster

John Guerrasio as Armitage Shanks in Love Birds at the Pleasance Courtyard © Steve Ullathorne

Continuing our cast interview series, we catch up with Brooklyn native John Guerrasio, who plays Love Birds‘ resident impresario Armitage Shanks (who also happens to be a certain plesiosaur well known to Scots). Read more about John’s previous credits on the Love Birds cast page. Have you ever played non-human characters before? Is it any different from playing a human …

WATCH: The Macaw Sisters bang out an a cappella Tinpanorama


Love Birds The Musical‘s onstage ‘sisters’ Valentine, Veronica and Vera – a.k.a. cast members Ruth Betteridge, Joanna Sawyer and Anna Stolli – are in a happily harmonic trio. Just listen for the proof…   P.S. Are the Macaw Sisters actually related or not? Love Birds creator Robbie Sherman explains.

Stephen Moore: How to cast a company of penguins and parrots

How do you find the perfect penguins for your first musical?

What are the challenges of casting a new musical at the Edinburgh Fringe… when the characters are parrots and penguins … and it’s your first time casting for a musical? Seasoned casting director Stephen Moore explains the process behind finding our fine-feathered Love Birds company. When I was casting at the BBC, a TV script would occasionally require an actor …

Full cast announced for our world premiere production

John Guerrasio, Greg Castiglioni, Rafe Watts, Jonny Purchase, Ryan Willis, George Knapper, Anna Stolli, Joanna Sawyer and Ruth Betteridge

Robert J Sherman’s new musical Love Birds follows closely in the Oscar-winning footsteps of his father and uncle (a.k.a the Sherman Brothers), who led the way with Mary Poppins. It’s fantastic, feathery, family fun performed by four penguins, four parrots and a real dinosaur… We’ve searched high (but not so low, these are birds, after all) to find a fine-feathered …