Transfer? Tour? What’s on the horizon for Love Birds’ tomorrow?

Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

“Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow”… as the Robbie Sherman song goes.

Four days after the conclusion of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, the Love Birds‘ set, costumes and all those feathers have been packed up, the production office moved back down to London and our wonderful cast flown on to other jobs. (And, we hope, that all of these insanely talented performers have soaring careers ahead of them. What a flock!)

But what next for Love Birds the show? We promise, you haven’t seen the last of us yet.

All involved learnt a lot from our premiere season at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, and are buoyed by the enthusiastic audience and critical reception. Now writer Robbie Sherman, director Stewart Nicholls and producer Kat Portman Smith are busily planning improvements. Bigger, better, birdier!

Producer Kat didn't let a little thing like a broken foot slow her down at the Fringe: and she's now slowing down now!

Producer Kat didn’t let a little thing like a broken foot slow her down at the Fringe: and she’s now slowing down now!

Kat explains:

“The response in Edinburgh was fantastic and confirmed to all of us that we have a very special show on our hands. It sounds fantastic, looks fantastic, makes people feel fantastic, and audiences clearly want more. So let’s give it to them.

“For Edinburgh, we stayed with the 60-minute preferred running time of the festival. With no more limitations, we are now planning to extend Love Birds into a full-length, two-act musical. We have several more, brilliantly catchy Robbie Sherman songs all ready to go, and are excited to have time for characters to develop more fully and tell more of the Love Birds story.”

The team has already had interest from venues keen to host Love Birds’ London premiere. Once the show’s additions are completed, the plan is to transfer or tour Love Birds in 2016.

In the meantime, keep following us on Twitter for updates as soon as we have them. And, if you’re really missing your fix, you can always check out Cameron Mackintosh’s imminent tour of Mary Poppins for a smidgen of penguin love.

Until then, “Who’s a pretty bird…..?”