Robbie Sherman Explains: How have the flappers flipped?

Is it a flap or a flip?
Is it a flap or a flip?

Is it a flap or a flip?

We all know what flappers are: 1920s girls who love to dance the Charleston, right? But why does Love Birds The Musical have a song about flippers? And what does Disney Mouskateer Annett Funicello have to do with it?

Love Birds creator Robbie Sherman (music, lyrics and book) explains:

DanceAnnette-albumcover250x250“The Flipper Flap” is one of the many song titles in Love Birds that is directly inspired and is an homage to a Sherman Brothers song.

In 1961, my father (Bob) and uncle (Dick) (better known as The Sherman Brothers) wrote a song for Disney Mousekateer Annette Funicello called, “The Flapper Flip” or “Rock-a-Charleston”. It first appeared on LP entitled “Dance ANNETTE”, and as the title implies, the song is a figurative “flip” on the Charleston melody line.

In my 2015 song for Love Birds, I also do a “flip”. But in this case I flip the words in the title around, instead of “The Flapper Flip”, the Love Birds song is “The Flipper Flap”.

Another flip is who’s doing the flapping: it’s the show’s four male penguins (played by George Knapper, Jonny Purchase, Rafe Watts and Ryan Willis), who you can say rehearsing the number in the video we published yesterday, which I love.