Flying high for the EdFringe finale


The Edinburgh Fringe came to a close on Monday, and the Love Birds had to fly the festival coop. In his final blog, production assistant Adam Niemann recounts the end of the beginning (we’ll be back, we promise!), before he himself flew back to his home in California...


The show’s last days in Edinburgh led to a finale befitting our feathered flock at the Fringe.

For our last Saturday, our generous writer Robbie Sherman invited the cast and crew to experience the Scotch Whisky Experience after that afternoon’s performance. What started as a somewhat silly ride, ended with a legitimately helpful lesson about the craft behind the Scottish drink.

We ended that night with a delicious dinner with everyone involved. The meal was quite delectable – despite the fact that Crunchy Crackers were not offered as a starter, much to the disappointment of Greg Castiglioni (Baalthazar in the show).

After another great (penultimate) performance on Sunday, then came the fateful day – Monday 31 August, Love Birds‘ final EdFringe 2015 performance. The cast and crew pulled together and, just like every day for the month prior, this ensemble of professionals performed the show impeccably.

After our wonderful actors took their final bow and the gracious final audience left the Pleasance Two, it was finally time to bid the show adieu. Everyone working on Love Birds pitched in to tear down the entire set and pack a waiting moving van full of all the set, props and costumes.

For a final celebration, the cast and crew found a cozy little spot to watch the Edinburgh closing ceremony fireworks. As the sparklers sparkled and the fireworks…worked, the members of our musical theatre aviary had a chance to reflect on the past two months and find some closure.

The show is done (for now), but there are always more creations to create. More theatre to make. More stories to tell. And hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to tell some more stories together soon.